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The Orutsaramiut Native Council is a Federally recognized governing body for the community of Bethel, Alaska. This recognition is per Federal Register/Vol.6, No. 49/Monday, March 13, 2000/Notices for the community of Bethel.

Bethel is located along the lower end of the Kuskokwim River and is approximately 90 miles inland from the Bering Sea and approximately 498 miles west of Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska.

The council is comprosed of a Traditional Chief, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and four Council Members. These officers are elected from the Tribal Membership. After the annual elections seats are organized by the currently elected members of the council.

Bethel is located along the Kuskokwim River and is appoximately 86 miles from the mouth of the river. The community is a regional hub and has 56 villages within the Association of Villages Presidents, Inc. the regional nonprofit organization for the region. Then regional health corporation the Yukon Kuskokwimm Health Corporation (YKHC) is headquartered in Bethel too. Also, Bethel is part of the Lower Kuskokwim School District (LKSD), which is also comprised o 28 other schools within the region.

At approximately 1884 the current location of Bethel was established by a Moravin Church reprentative where a church was built. The community of Bethel has numerous churches althought it was established by the Moravian Church.

Although the community was founded by Caucasian missionaries it is heavily influenced by the Yupik Eskimo Culture. The community relies heavily on the subsistence type lifestyle. Each year salmon is stored for winter and numberous other subsistence activities continue throughout the year.

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