Job Announcement

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Sep 032014

Two Full-time Subsistence Fishery Technicians

Also Advertising for Fishery Biologist.

Full time, seasonal based in Bethel, Alaska.

Conduct Surveys; Oct 3-Nov 29, 2014

For more information contact Roberta Chavez @ 543-2608 or 545-3845

Multi Purpose Center

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May 302013

There has been some misunderstanding about the use of the ONC Mult-Purpose Building by non Tribal Members. The ONC council has said this building can be used for functions by anyone that has interest in paying to use the building. If you have any interest in using this building you can contact ONC at 907.543.2608 and schedule an appointment.

Tribal Enrollment

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May 222013

Prior to the annual Tribal Membership gathering announcements and ballots were sent to ONC Tribally Enrolled Members, there were numerous returned to the ONC offices due to mailing addresses that were incorrect. The post office returned them to ONC claiming they were undeliverable.

If you have not received any correspondence from ONC it is a good idea to check with the Administration at ONC to update your contact information. This is very important for you as a member. There are services you might be eligible to you from ONC, but your information must be current to be eligible for some of these programs we provide to the Tribal Members.

If you have not done so you can contact Agnes Flynn at 543-2608 or email her with your updated information at or if she is not available Charlotte Myers at the same phone number or email her too at


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Apr 232013

For current information on the weather in the Bethel area click the following link. and go to Bethel on the map and click and it should provide you with the latest information. This is a good link to check the latest weather in the State of Alaska. Have a wonderful time during breakup and have a bountiful summer.

Feb 062013

Since ONC has a person to monitor its website inhouse, we are seeking ways to make improvements in serving you. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our website please call ONC at 543.2608 and leave a message with the person and we will consider your suggestion. We will not include in our website anything that is offensive to the public.

Jun 302011

Tribal Enrollment and other important forms are now available on the Member Services Page. Please Contact Sharon Rodgers for Tribal Enrollmenet applications at 907-543-2608 if you have any questions. For educational or other Tribal assistance you can contact Forrest Jenkins at the same number.

We will have ONC employment applications online soon. We are working to improve this service and are diligently working towards this improvement.

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