Tribal Court Clerk Position Open!

Job Title: Tribal Court Clerk
Reports to: Social Services Director

General Description: Manages all requests for tribal court, including petitions,
scheduling, and maintaining files.
 Processing all incoming petitions
 Scheduling all court hearings and maintaining log of court activities
 Assists with court proceedings, including recordings
 Prepares, organizes and maintains files for all cases
 Prepares all notices and delivers or certified mails to parties
 Prepares documents for tribal adoptions
 Prepares court orders if so directed by the justice
 Provides assistance to petitioners with proper forms, codes
 Responds to mail and telephone inquiries re tribal court
 Maintains data base and provides information to tribal council and ONC

 Demonstrate minimum of two years of successful experience working with
 Willingness to complete additional training.
 Administrative experience.
 Ability to carry out job responsibilities as listed.
 Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
 High school diploma or equivalent.
 Intermediate level computer skills.
 Willing to submit criminal background check.
 Understands and follows confidentiality regulations

Status: Part time, currently twenty hours per week.
ONC is an equal opportunity employer. Within the concept of Native preference, all
applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national
origin or other non-merit factor.
Open until filled. Pick up an application at ONC office or Bethel Job Center. Call 543-
2608 for more information.

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