The Orutsararmiut Native Council (ONC) is located at 117 Alex Hately Drive in Bethel, Alaska.

Our normal hours are 8:30am to 5pm Monday – Friday. We are closed on Federal Holidays.


Ron Hoffman, Executive Director

Inamarie Chaney, Self Governance Director

Ina Pavila, Administrative Assistant

Raylene Demantle, Receptionist

James Paul, Chief Accountant

Maggie Phillip, Book Keeper

Vivian Glore, Accounting Clerk

Moses Tulim, 477 Director

Evan Nicholai, 477 Specialist

Calvin Cockroft, Tribal Housing Director

Sam White, Development Specialist

Robert Larson, Maintenance Specialist

Olinka Breaux, Social Services Director

David Simon, Rural Child Welfare Worker

Ruth Imgalrea, Rural Child Welfare Worker

Carol Samuelson, ICWA Coordinator

Oscar Chaney, Subsistence Worker

Everett Charlie, Subsistence Worker

Molly Hunt, Tribal Child Welfare/Court Clerk

Greg Roczicka, Natural Resources Director

Mary Matthias, Environmental Coordinator

Alissa Joseph-Rogers, Brownsfield Coordinator

Janessa Esuible, Fisheries Biologist

Patrick Samson, Transportation Director

Eric Pavil, Transportation Planner

Tony Watson, Maintenance

Nikki Hoffman, Senior Center Director

Ann McPeck, Lead Cook

Ralph Pavilla, Driver




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