Orutsararmiut Native Council hereby notifies its membership that the 2021 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday April 24, 2021 at 11 am, Alaska Time, on.

All enrolled members will receive an invitation to register for the Virtual 2021 ONC Annual Meeting.
If you would like to register in advance to receiving this invitation, follow this link:
If you are unable to register please contact Sophie Swope at 907-543-0501.
*Only enrolled tribal members will be permitted to attend the Annual Meeting.*

Business to be properly transacted at this meeting shall include:

              Establishment of a Quorum

              Annual Report by the Executive Director and Program Directors

              2020 CARES Act Report

              Election of Three Members of the ONC Council

              Any other agenda items adopted by the Council


ONC is soliciting Declarations of Candidacy for three open seats:

Seat E, currently held by Robert “Bobby “ Hofman

Seat F, currently held by Robert Lekander

Seat G, currently held by Connie Sankwich

Declarations of Candidacy must be received by ONC no later than 5 P.M., Wednesday March 24, 2021.

ONC CARES Application

New ONC CARES Page here, for more information:

Who Can Apply:

Any Orutsararmiut Native Council enrolled adult Tribal Member who has attained the age of 18 years old may apply on behalf of their household.


The Orutsararmiut Native Council Tribe CARES Act Assistance Program is designed to provide economic relief to enrolled Tribal Members of Orutsararmiut Native Council Tribe with additional resources to maintain adequate housing, transportation, food, water, medication, medical care, utilities, and basic life necessities to help alleviate the financial hardships endured from the loss of income and increased costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding for the Program is being distributed from the CARES Act funding received by the Tribe and this Program is designed to comply with the CARES Act requirements and guidance issued by the US Department of Treasury.

What is the deadline to apply?

5pm Friday October 16, 2020.

Click here to download the ONC CARES Application