Committee Assignments

Council Committee Assignments

ONC Council Members are expected to participate within the organization and are assigned different departments to oversee. Some of these departments have Standing Committees, which are listed below. Each Standing Committee has regular meetings, where the members go over whats going on, suggest solutions to issues and focus on how to improve our services to our Tribal Members. Staff Administrators are also to serve on the Standing Committees.

Committee Members welcome Tribal Members to come with thoughts and suggestions. We will announce our meetings before they happen to give proper notice to the community.

Please join us in our efforts to serve our Tribal Members to the best of our ability, it is only with your support that we can make ONC the best that it can be.


Our Standing Committees are:

  • Indian Child Welfare Act/Tribal Justice
  • Policy Committee
  • Housing Improvement Program/NAHASDA
  • Subsistence Committee
  • Bethel Transit Committee
  • Johnson O’Malley/477 Education Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Tribal Enrollment Committee


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