Education, Training, and Child Care

Program Staff Members: Nicholai Joekay, ETCC Director, Mary Simon, 477 Specialist, Kristy Evans, Program Services Coordinator

Low Income Energy Assistance Program provides temporary energy assistance households with low monthly income. Eligibility is based on solely on income the income guidelines and one hundred twenty three (123) Bethel residents received energy assistance under this program in 2016. For Fiscal Year 2017 we have assisted 113 Bethel residents and still taking in energy assistance      applications. If you need help with heating fuel and electricity – contact our office.

Alaska Heating Assistance Program was eliminated from the Alaska State budget last year and is no longer available. There were eighty four (84) Bethel residents who received energy assistance from AKHAP in 2016.

General Assistance program covers the basic needs like shelter, food and clothing for households in need of temporary aid. There were seventeen (17) families who received general assistance to provide for their basic needs (food, shelter & clothing) in 2016.

Burial Assistance: Program helps cover burial costs (coffin, cross, and food for feast) and eligibility is income based. There were ten (10) families who received BIA Burial Assistance in 2016.

ONC Burial Donation: ONC Council members contribute to the ONC Burial Donation Fund and only ONC tribal members are eligible. In 2016 there were twelve (12) donations made to ONC tribal members at $ 400 each.

On the Job Training Program: Alicia Oscar and Kristy Nick are our current OJT Office Assistant employees. They are quick learners, doing a great job of helping out with the various programs in our department.

ONC Scholarship Program:  Last fall 2016 there were twenty four (24) college students who were awarded from the ONS   scholarship program. This 2017 Spring semester twenty three (23) have received ONC scholarship assistance and expect to approve more applications.

You can Email our Education mailbox that will be forwarded to the Department at

If need any assistance with your education you can get started here:Education Forms

NAHASDA Housing Assistance: Under the NAHASDA Higher Education Program students must be eligible to receive FAFSA to receive housing assistance under this program. Last year there were six (6) students who were eligible and received NAHASDA HE Housing Assistance. We currently have five (5) students who are receiving NAHASDA HE Housing Assistance.

Child Care Services: We are still looking for more Child Care Relative Providers in Bethel. This is a great way for Child Care Providers to earn some income while caring for their relative’s children at home. If you need help with Child Care Assistance while attending college, training, and or working contact our office. We currently have nine (9) approved Child Care Providers and 14 families who are receiving Child Care Assistance.

Summer Youth Employment & Training Program: Last year 2016 there were  twelve (12) Summer Youth Employment and Training workers who worked with various businesses in town. This coming 2017 summer we will employ 12 more youth again under SYTEP.


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