ONC General Assistance

ONC’s General Assistance Program provides financial assistance payments to Eligible Alaska Native/American Indians for essential needs, which are food, shelter, clothing and utilities.

Additionally, the following apply:

  • Must be a Bethel Resident
  • Must NOT BE receiving TANF, ATAP, or SSI
  • Must apply for assistance from other Federal, State, Borough or local programs for which they may be eligible
  • All applicants with dependent children are required to apply for TANF and follow TANF regulations

General Assistance Recipient Responsibilities:

  • Must comply with service worker in developing an ISP plan
  • Perform successfully in work related activities, community service, training and/or other employment assistance programs
  • Participate successfully in treatment and counseling services
  • Demontrate applicant is actively seeking employment while in the program

General Assistance Applications must Includeb the following documents:

  • Copy of a State Identification Card
  • Copy of Tribal Inentification Card, Copy of Certification of Indian Blood (CIB) or Calista Corporation Shareholder Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificates for ALL dependent children
  • Current utility bills (DO NOT submit past due bills), receipts from rent, utilities and phone bill
  • Copy of income fro ALL household members (earned and unerned)

Examples on submission of financial resources with General Assistance Application:

  • Current Work Pay Stubs
  • 2012 Permenant Fund Dividend Fund receipts
  • 2012 Tax Returns
  • Bank Statement for the past 30 days
  • or other proof of income

For More Information:

Call 907.543.2608

Or you can visit the offices at:

Orutsararmiut Native Council
117 Alex Hately Drive
PO Box 927
Bethel, Alaska 99559

phone : 907.543.2608
fax; 907.543.2639


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