Social Services

Waqaa! Orutsararmiut Native Council (ONC) Social Services Department continually works in partnership with local agencies to encourage healthy and safe families. Our main goal is to ensure the health and well-being of ONC’s Tribal Members.  Through the challenges we face, our commitment to this work remains tireless. Social Services would like to thank our community for your continued support. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact Social Services Director, Sophie Jenkins at 907-543-2608.

Here are the following staff and programs which they serve:

Karen Thompson is our ICWA Advocate. We currently have 57 Tribal Members enrolled children in custody with the State Office of Children’s Services.

The Indian Child Welfare Act is a federal law that seeks to keep American Indian/Alaskan Native children with their respected tribes and families. ICWA is an integral policy framework on which tribal child welfare programs rely. It provides a structure and requirements for how public and private child welfare agencies and state courts view and conduct their work to serve tribal children and families. ICWA also acknowledges and promotes the role that tribal governments play in supporting tribal families, both on and off tribal lands. However, as is the case with many laws, proper implementation of ICWA requires vigilance, resources and advocacy.

We hope to continue bettering our partnership with the State Office of Children’s Services. Every tribal member has the right to have an ICWA Advocate present during an initial investigation. For more information, please contact Sophie Jenkins, S.S. Director at 543-2608.


Rural Child Welfare:
Andrew Jasper ad Sarah Jasper are ONC’s Rural Child Welfare Workers. We partner with the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, Office of Children Services to help monitor their In-Home cases without custody. They each carry a caseload of five cases located in Bethel and the Kuskokwim-Delta.

Tribal Child Welfare:
Carey Atchak is the Tribal Child Welfare Worker. We currently have cases which include Child In Need of Aid (CINA) cases within our own child welfare program and we also take jurisdiction of cases from the State Office of Children’s Services.

Healthy Families:
ONC’s Healthy Families will be held every Monday 5:30pm-7:00pm at the Tundra Women’s Coalition (TWC). Taxi fare is provided upon request to TWC along with childcare. Everyone is welcome!

Healthy Relationships:
Presently we are working on developing this program to start it up again. Check back for details!

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