Reports to: Construction Foreman

Position accountabilities:
1. Form scaffold building.
2. Rough framing and finishing, including:
a. Floor framing and decking.
b. Wall framing and sheathing.
c. Roof framing and sheathing.
d. Siding.
e. Doors—set frames and hand doors.
f. Windows—set frames.
g. Install cabinets.
h. Install trim.
i. Install, mud and tape sheetrock.
j. Install bathroom and kitchen necessaries.
3. Carpentry surveying.
4. Blueprint reading.
5. Knowledge and the use and care of tools, equipment, and materials of trade.
6. Knowledge of safety practices, layout techniques, and building regulations.
7. Knowledge of proper use of fall protection equipment.

Qualifications: The incumbent must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The accountabilities listed above are representative of the knowledge, skills and ability required.

1. Verbal and numerical abilities.
2. Ability to visualize objects and details from drawings, pictures, and blueprints.
3. Ability to coordinate eyes and hands rapidly and accurately, and to do precise work.
Tools, equipment, clothing and/or supplies required or provided:
Employee supplies his/her own nail belt, hand tools, work clothes, and proper work shoes. Employer supplies power tools, hardhat, safety glasses, hearing protection, and other specialty safety equipment.

Working conditions:
Exposed to hazards from mechanical/electrical/power equipment. May be exposed to toxic chemicals. Works in precarious or high locations (ladders, scaffolding, etc.).

Physical demands:
Frequent prolonged standing/walking. Pushes/pulls or moves/lifts heavy
equipment/supplies. Considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching.
Compensation: ONC Salary Schedule I. Starting $18.45 per hour.

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