Local Winners at the Alaska State Science & Engineering Fair

Congratulations to Bethel Regional High School students Nicholai Chase and Calvin Samson on the many awards they received at the 2019 Alaska State Science & Engineering Fair. Together, they brought home the High School Team Trophy.

Calvin Samson was awarded 1st place in the Animal Science category, 2nd place in the Abstract Writing Competition, NOAA’s Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award and the USFWS Award.

Nicholai Chase received the Society for In Vitro Biology Award and USFWS Award.

Both of these students have and will continue to be involved in one of ONC’s many biological partnership projects and/or educational outreach programs. We are so proud of the hard work and dedication exhibited by these students. Way to go!!!!

Calvin Samson (left), Theodore Lindley (center), Nicholai Chase (right)

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