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Hi Bethel community,

If you are 55+ years of age, disabled and/or a widow, you are eligible for our Fish Distribution Program. We receive fish in late-May from Alaska Department of Fish & Game Test Fishery crew and then distribute fish around town to Bethel area Elders, disabled and widows. Kuskokwim River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge may also assist us with some distributions.

Sign up by clicking the blue link below:

Fish Distribution Sign-Up

For your information, we have been contacting individuals from the fish distribution list used in prior years. If you complete the survey with one of our fisheries crew members, no need to complete it again! However, if you have yet to be contacted and/or have never received fish from us or our partners in the past and are eligible, please sign up! We will be delivering fish throughout the month of June.

*1 King salmon and 1-5 additional fish of various species (other salmon species or sheefish) are distributed to each qualified individual depending on Bethel Test Fish catches*


Bill Kristovich receiving a King salmon in 2018.

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