Completed Brownfield Sites

List of Brownfield Sites that were Completed Cleanup’s

Site Name:                                                                              Description:

ADOT&PF Bethel Maintenance Facility, Airport                  Diesel 14,000 mg/Kg, Gasoline 1,800mg/Kg,  0.15 mg/Kg for Benzene,                                                                                             94.2 mg/Kg total for Benzen, Toulene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes,                                                                                                     Leaking Underground Storage Tank Petroleum

ADOT&PF MarkAir-Bethel                                                      Gasoline & Ground water contamination, October 25, 2002

AKARNG Bethel Old AAOF, Airport Road                               2,600 mg/kg DRO, 5,700 mg/kg TPH, January 30, 1998

AKARNG Bethel New AAOF, Airport Road                              38 gallons Jet A Fuel, November 18, 2005

Alaska Commercial Co.-Bethel, Store & Marina                     1,000 gallons Diesel, October 30, 1992

Arctic Circle Air Services-1994, Airport                                    Leaking Underground Storage Tank Petroleum, August 24th, 1994

Arctic Circle Air Services-2001, Airport                                         2,000 gallon AV Gas Leaking Underground Storage Tank

AT&T Alascom Bethel Earth Station, 265 Main Street              Diesel 6,300 ppm, Benzene, Toulene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes,                                                                                                               December 29, 1997

Bank Stabilization Project                                                         Contaminated Soil, May 10th, 1995

Bethel BIA Headquarters, 4 miles West                                    Petroleum & PCB, June 15, 1991

Bethel BIA Spill- White Alice Tank                                            100,000 gallons Diesel, April 15th, 1993

Bethel Dump                                                                             Oil Drums Leaking, Petroleum contamination

Bethel Fuel Sales, Standard Oil Road                                        Petroleum Hydrocarbon

Bethel Fuel Sales Pumphouse                                                   Diesel Spill, May 5th, 1993

Bethel Public Works Yard, Ridgecrest Drive                             Gasoline, Leaking Underground Storage Tank Petroleum,                                                                                                                   February 6th, 1993

Camai Air- Bethel, Airport Bldg 3594                                       1,500 gallon AV Gas Underground Leaking Storage Tank,                                                                                                                   July 15th, 1998

DOC Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center, 1000 St.Hwy      2,000 gallon Diesel Underground Storage Tank, October 20, 1999

D & G Express, 3340 Airport Rd                                              Gasoline Range Organics 1388 ppm, Diesel Range Organics 9350 ppm,                                                                                        Petroleum Hydrocarbons 43,000 ppm. February 12, 1996

ERA Aviation Bethel Airport Fac., Lot 2B, Block 4                    Diesel & Gasoline, August 5, 1997

FAA Bethel Flight Service Station, Building 300                      Petroleum Hydrocarbon

FAA Bethel Station Tank Farm                                                 200 gal. Gasoline Spill, January 14, 1993

FAA Bethel Station                                                                  Gasoline, Diesel Solvents, PCBs, Pesticides, and Metals. December 4th, 1992

IHS YK Delta Reg. Hospital Bethel, Airport Road                    Gasoline & Diesel range petroleum hydrocarbons

IHS YK Delta Regional Hospital Bldg. 600, Airport Road        150 gallon Diesel, December 14, 1996

Knik Construction, 1171 1st Ave                                              3 gal. Lube Oil Spill

Kuskokwim Inn/Long House Bethel Inn, 751 3rd Ave             1,000 Diesel, July 21-22, 1999

Owl Street Residence, 344 Owl Street                                     Diesel Spill

Public Health Service Hospital-Bethel, Old Hospital Rd.        Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Petroleum, May 16, 1992

Robair Repair- Bethel Airport, 3241 N.Ramp                          Leaking Underground Storage Tank, Petroleum, October 7th, 1993

USFWS-Bethel Airport, Tank #1, Airport                                     AV Gas Leaking Underground Storage Release Petroleum, July 30, 1999

USFWS-Yukon Delta NWR Headquarters, Wildlife Lane        Petroelum, Leaking Underground Storage Tank November 14, 1993

Yute Air Bankruptcy Properties, Fisher Hanger Lot 4 Block 11    AV Gas & Heating Oil Leaking Underground Storage Tank                                                                                                                  Petroleum, May 28, 2002


For more detailed information about Bethel Area Sites or other sites across the State of Alaska, please visit the Division of Spill Prevention and Response: Contaminated Sites Search

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