King Salmon Regulatory Updates

ASL Scales Bio-sampling is now in full swing-motion:

If you plan on collecting samples for the AGE, SEX, LENGTH research that helps us find out returning age and size of the Chinook “King” Salmon. Please call us at 907-306-4345 to collect your sample kit. We will be collecting samples at the Boat Harbor and Fishcamps, please give us a call when you get some fish and we will be there to sample with/ or for you. 


July 7, 2106: Kuskokwim River salmon fishery OPEN to unrestricted mesh length, but still 6″ or smaller mesh size.

ADFG is now managing the fishery and has opened the fishery till further notice.
Current Regulations:
Mesh Size: 6-inch or less


May 23, 2106: Start of Bethel Test Fish (Elders will have Priority.)

ONC Fisheries Delivery
If you would like to be on the ONC Fish Deliver List, please call 907-543-0523 or 907-543-2608 (ask for Fisheries).
We will need the following information:
1. First Name, Last Name
2. House address (Location to drop off the fish.)
3. Phone number (House phone and cell phone.)
4. How old are you? (Elders get first priority.)


March 19th, (MIDNIGHT). May 20, 2016 @ 12:01A

Subsistence Fishery Closure. River is closed to all fishing gear, except Beach Seine and Dip Net. All caught Chinook salmon must be released immediately.
Kuskokwim River Salmon Fishery Announcement #2 Emergency Order #3-S-WR-01-16




Kuskokwim River Break Up:  April 20, 2016