ARPA Application Round Two Deadline

Notice to Tribal Membership:

The Deadline to apply for round two ($1700.00) of the ONC ARPA pandemic assistance program will be February 15, 2022. ONC began accepting applications from enrolled tribal members in October of 2021 for round two of pandemic assistance. For clarification, ONC has done a total of three rounds of assistance since the spring of 2021: CARES (January 2021), ARPA1 (August 2021), and ARPA2 (October 2021). If you have applied after October 1, 2021 for round two, Please do not attempt to submit a duplicate application. All duplicate applications are automatically set in a different que to be reviewed and are processed last. All other pandemic assistance programs listed above have closed under UST guidelines and Council Resolutions.

If you have any questions you can contact ONC ARPA @ 907-543-2608 or email us at


Thank You,

ONC ARPA Program Staff.

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