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Our objective is to maintain ongoing involvement in State and/or Federal regulatory and management processes for benefit of Tribal members.

We participate in ongoing consultations and interaction with intra inter-regional, statewide, national, international organizations sharing information and education for environmental and subsistence harvest concerns in rural Alaska.

Staff currently holds voting seats on:

*KRITFC Kuskokwim River Inter Tribal Fish Commission 

*TAMS Tribal Air Monitoring Steering Committee

Long Term Year Goals:

  • Maintain existing (and further development of) co-management fisheries projects
  • Expand cooperative management projects into wildlife management ) i.e. range and habitat surveys, population estimates, etc.
  • Ongoing involvement in State/Federal management processes w/regional implications.
  • Develop Kuskokwim whitefish biological and habitat status project to maintain protection of future subsistence uses.
  • Develop mentored/internship opportunities for future needs of Natural Resource programs
  • Develop annual base operating budget sufficient for Director, 1 FT fisheries, & 1 FT wildlife staff positions (from $60k current to approximately $200K).
  • Research/develop alternative energy projects.
  • Monitor/participate in oversight processes of regional mining/economic development activities.
  • Ongoing education and information to region, stat, nation or world at large regarding history of subsistence, management and purpose in bush Alaska.

Annual Objectives:

1) Conduct annual co-management projects for king salmon biological sampling program (ASL); in-season subsistence harvest monitoring (HM); Bethel Test Fishery (BTF) and FRMP programs.

2) Incorporate active management to provide Amounts Necessary for Subsistence into Federal management structure to fulfill purpose & implementation of Title VIII of ANILCA.

 3) Establish realistic amounts necessary for subsistence and associated management of moose in ONC members’ Customary and Traditional hunting areas.

 4) Pursue hunting, fishing & trapping reserve concept through State of Alaska administrative and/or legislative processes, coupled with education of general public regarding management for subsistence purposes.

5) Establish formal partnership roles within ONC internal/departmental structure.

6) Promote and provide agricultural opportunities within ONC community.

7) Coordinate delivery of annual salmon needs to Senior Center, YKHC Maternity Home, YKHC Long-term Care facility, City of Bethel 4-H Teen Center, & priority to community elders, disabled and widows.

8) Coordinate harvest and delivery of moose meat to Senior Center.

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