Grievance Procedure

We welcome feedback from all participants, clients, and members of our community. Please be respectful and concise.

All complaints must be submitted in written format for documentation purposes.

The written statement of the complainant (participant writing the complaint) must contain simple facts: who, what, when, where, how, and why. The statement must also contain a desired outcome of the issue or situation.

  • Within 5 days of the incident, the complainant must submit a written statement to the 477 Director. The 477 Director will provide a copy to the Self Governance Director. 10 working days are allowed for investigation of the facts and review of policies and procedures.
  • When circumstances require review by legal counsel, ONC will act accordingly. The complainant will be notified in writing by the Self Governance Director with updates on the status of the investigation.
  • Within 5 days after the hearing, the Self Governance Director must provide a written decision based on the findings of the investigation and established policies and procedures.
  • If the complainant is dissatisfied with the resolution, a written Appeal stating simple facts and desired outcome must be submitted to the Executive Director. Administration will have 5 working days to respond in writing.
  • RIGHT TO GRIEVE TO THE SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR: All participants who have exhausted all the appeals have the right to submit a written grievance to the Secretary of the Interior through the Division of Workforce Development Program in Washington DC.
  • RIGHT TO CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR’S CIVIL RIGHTS CENTER: All participants who have exhausted all the appeals have the right to contact the Department of the Interior’s Civil Rights Center.

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