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Housing Department

We are here to serve and make a positive difference in housing for low-income Native peoples of our community.

Services we provide:

  • Home-buyer Program
  • Rental Assistance Program
  • Housing Renovation and/or
  • Weatherization Program

Transportation Department

We are responsible for maintenance of traditional trails, roads, grounds. We mark trails for travel between villages to our home, which is the regional hub community of the YK Delta.

Social Services Department

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

Rural Child Welfare

  • Healthy Families Curriculum
  • Healthy Relationships Curriculum

Tribal Child Welfare

Qasgiq – A place to learn Healthy living tools for our people. Formerly known as Methamphetamine Suicide Prevention and Intervention (MSPI). Find us on Facebook: ONC Qasgiq

Senior Services Department

We seek to develop a healthy aging community to support our elders and their caregivers to maintain and improve their quality of life. We seek to develop programming and networking infrastructure to meet the needs of our elders.

We offer information about available public resources that may be beneficial to elders and their caregivers. We gather and maintain relevant or useful information that may help elders and their caregivers access to resources that help meet their needs. This is accomplished by establishing partnerships to maximize community resources, decreasing duplication of services, and improving our elders’ experience through their continuity of care.
We assist elders navigate through various tasks by helping them filling out applications and advocating as a liaison between them access various resources.
We also provide referrals to other departments, various agencies,  and services as appropriate. Visit us on Facebook: Orutsararmiut Native Council Senior Services

477 Department

Our services include education and vocational training scholarships, employment, child care, Johnson O’Malley (JOM), Youth Employment Services (YES), General Assistance, Burial Assistance, ONC Burial Donation, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Visit us on Facebook ONC 477 Department

Tribal Court

One of the aspects of being a Sovereign Tribe is our right to exercise jurisdiction over our Tribal Membership. Our court works closely with our Social Services Department as well as other organizations and courts for the welfare of our people.

Natural Resources Department

  • Fisheries for Resource Monitoring Program
  • Environmental Program
  • EPA Indian General Assistance Program (IGAP)
  • EPA State and Tribal Response Program AKA Brownfield Program
  • Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program (NALEMP)

Each program works closely with the Orutsararmiut Native Council Members, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and with the Kuskokwim River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission on all fish and game resources. We provide services as a central clearinghouse on resource questions within the Bethel area. The Natural Resources Director and Fisheries personnel attends all regulatory meetings of the Alaska Boards of Fisheries and Game, Federal Subsistence Board and the Alaska Migratory Bird Co-Management Council to pursue Fish & Game regulatory actions to help ease restrictions/requirements on the customary and traditional hunting, fishing, and gathering activities compatible with the desires of ONC.  When tribal families who are impacted from a loss of family members and needing the assistance to providing subsistence foods during ceremonial feasts, we contribute to that matter by writing letters on behalf of those needs to fish & game to allow the large game to be caught just for those purposes.

  • Environmental Program: “Preserve and enhance the integrity of regional fish, wildlife or other populations, and habitat to fully provide for subsistence use needs in perpetuity.”
    We are professional field employees who fully embrace and execute the missions, goals, and objectives of the ONC and the department towards tribal co-management of all subsistence resources we depend on for our customary and traditional indigenous subsistence way of life. Find us on Facebook: Orutsararmiut Native Council Environmental Program
  • Fisheries: We conduct In-Season and Post-Season Subsistence Harvest Surveys, Chinook Salmon Age-Sex-Length Sampling Program and fisheries educational outreach programs. Find us on Facebook: Orutsararmiut Native Council Fisheries

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