Request for Proposal (RFP)

Orutsararmiut Native Council

On or about December 29th, 2022, Orutsararmiut Native Council (ONC) will be soliciting Requests for Proposals for a Debris Removal Contractor for the Former Bethel Airport Remediation, conducted through the Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program (NALEMP). We are seeking either one contractor or several contractors who are able to provide the following equipment and/or services: flatbed truck(s), barge(s), heavy equipment for debris removal, and laborers to perform debris removal activities. Proposals must be received by January 29th, 2023 for consideration.

 RFP packets will be available for interested vendors on or about December 29th, 2022 at our office located at 117 Alex Hatley, Bethel, AK 99559, or can be requested by email at For any questions, you may contact Kylie Ford (907-543-0200, email listed above) or Mary Matthias (907-543-0522,

Preferences in the award of contracts and subcontracts shall be given to Tribal Member-owned or other Alaska Native and American Indian (AN/AI) owned organizations or economic enterprises. Provide proof of Tribal membership or AN/AI membership for the vendor’s owner. In order to be considered for preference, proof of membership and at least 51% ownership must be submitted with the proposal.



Tribal Advocate_Contract_announcement

Request for Public Comment-Elders Meals on Wheels

Request for Public Comment

ONC’s Senior Service Department is planning to submit a proposal for 2023-2026 Nutrition, Transportation and Supportive Services with the State of Alaska. We are seeking funding to help us continue to serve lunches to the Elders in our community through our Meals on Wheels program.

Part of this proposal’s approval process is receiving community support for the project. If you would like to comment on whether you support the continuation of our Meal on Wheels program, or would like to suggest any changes to the program, please let us know.

To provide this commentary, please reach out to or call 907-543-0509 and leave a voice message. Quyana.

2022 Annual Meeting

Attention Tribal Membership.

Please join us Saturday May 14 for the 2022 Annual Meeting. Our first hosted meeting since 2019 will be at 10 AM AST at the ONC Muti-Purpose Building in Bethel, Alaska. Tribal Membership who wish to attend virtually can email us at: for more information. You will receive an enrollment confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. You must have the Zoom application for this option. Question’s, No email? Contact our enrollment office at




A longtime Bethel tribal member, tribal court judge, election worker, and well known community leader died last month. Margaret “Tootsie” Guinn passed away at home surrounded by loved ones on Dec. 16, 2021. Tootsie as she was affectionately known was 76 years old. Margaret was a well known volunteer in most Bethel organizations for over 40 years, and was the chair for Bethel’s first voting precinct until her death. In 2018, Guinn received a proclamation from the city for protecting the democratic process. Guinn’s funeral was held privately because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Orutsararmiut Native Council members and Staff would like to extend our condolences to the Guinn family and recognize her many years of hard work on behalf of the tribe including as one of our first Tribal Judge’s. Tootsie will be greatly missed by our Tribal Community & her passing will surely be felt within our Tribal Court.

January Regular Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Invocation
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Approval of Meeting Minutes
  6. People to be Heard
    1. YKHC Reps                 c. YKHC COVID Team
    2. AVCP Reps
  7. Reports
    1. Administration Report                                                  Inamarie Chaney
    2. Finance Report                                                             James Paul/Alex Werba
    3. CARES/ARP Report                                                     Yvonne Kinegak
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
    1. The Village of Georgetown Webinar January 12th, 2022
  1. Need representative
    1. Approval of 2022 Employee Pay Schedule


  1. Other


  1. Executive Session
  1. Date of Next Meeting
  2. Adjournment

Call in information

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Access Code: 16226

Meeting ID: 729 128 3787


American Rescue Plan Act 3rd Round


Update: American Rescue Plan Act Round 3 Application process closed 02/15/22 for tribal members.

Greetings Tribal Member(s)

Throughout our two Tribal Member Consultation meetings regarding the American Rescue Plan Act funds; we’ve heard from many members wanting their household bills paid directly while others appreciated the direct payment directly to each Tribal Member. The Council has heard each members input and acted according to the wants and needs of our membership.

We are pleased to announce that The Orutsararmiut Native Council is now accepting applications for the third round of COVID relief funds.

*All information is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/& SSL

Each tribal member household has two options for this round of relief:

Option 1: Payments made directly to vendor

For this you will be required to submit actual bills with your application. This ensures that staff have the accurate information which includes the mailing address of the vendor, account numbers, and name(s) of which the utility account(s) is under. Please specify on the application the amounts you want/need to go to each vendor.

Option 2: Direct payment to Tribal Members (in the form of a check)

For this option you must check the box in front of each vendor and specify how you would like it paid out.

It is uncertain if more pandemic relief will be available, and ask that each Tribal member use these funds in ways that will benefit and secure your household needs as a priority.

We understand the urgency in some cases, but we ask for your patience and cooperation as these applications are processed. We will be working as quickly as we possibly can. ONC is the largest tribe in the region with over 4500 active members to serve in many places.

Thank you, To avoid delay in processing, before submitting your application, please make sure that all required documents are included and allow time for processing. Do not submit  an application more then once as this will only cause further delay. You will be notified once your application is being processed and complete.

ONC APRA staff

November Regular Council Meeting 


November Regular Council Meeting 

November 3, 2021 @ 3:00PM

ONC Main Conference Room 


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Invocation
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes
  • October regular meeting minutes (forth coming)
  • Tribal Consultation meeting minutes
  • Special Meeting minutes
  • People to be Heard
  • YKHC Reps
  • Maile Tavepholijalern
  • AVCP Reps
  • Courtney Pegus
  • Reports
  • Executive Director                                                        Zack Brink
  • Finance Report                                                 Alexandra Werba
  • CARES/ARP Report                                                     Zack Brink
  • Old Business
  • BNC-Tribal Broadband
  • BNC Rental property
  • New Business
  • Alcohol License
  • AFN Delegate
  • Other:
  • Executive Session
  • Date of Next Meeting
  • Adjournment
  • Call in information



Join Zoom Meeting

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ONC Agenda – Regular Council Meeting

ONC Agenda – Regular Council Meeting
ONC Conference Room
October 6, 2021
4:00 PM

Topic: ONC Regular Meeting
Time: Oct 6, 2021 04:00 PM Alaska
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 729 128 3787
One tap mobile
+12532158782,,7291283787# US (Tacoma)
+13462487799,,7291283787# US (Houston)
Access Code: 16226
Meeting ID: 729 128 3787
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Call to Order
Roll Call
Approval of Agenda

Approval of Meeting Minutes
a. August 4th Regular Council Meeting
b. Special Meeting August 24, 2021 NOFO broadband for TBCP
c. August 27th Tribal Consultation Meeting
d. September 15, 2021 Regular Council Meeting
vi. People to be Heard
a. YKHC Reps d._Bev H.___________ g.___________
b. AVCP Reps e. ___Andre J.________ h. ___________
c. Shanna Decossas f. ____________ i. ____________vii. Reports
a. Executive Director Zack Brink
b. Finance Report Alexandra Werba
c. CARES/ARP Report Zack Brink
-Old Business
-New Business
Enrollment Committee Walter Jim
Resolution 21-10-01
LKSD Vaccination Mandate
Resolution 21-10-02
AVCP Unit 11 Delegate
Resolution 21-10-03
BNC Property – Rippie Palace
BNC complex rental property
2022 Indian Housing Plan
Tribal Citizens Voice Strong Opposition to Donlin Gold
Tunista inc. Rental Property for Social Services
ONC to be included on support ICWA
ONC Employee Hazard Pay Policy
K300 funding request
Form a Committee for American Rescue Plan Act
-Other: Enrollment Counts for June and July
-Executive Session
-Date of Next Meeting

Unknown Tribal Membership Address List

Notice to all Tribal Membership:  This Address Unknown List provided below is comprised of tribal membership for whom ONC does not have a valid current address. If you are or know anyone on this list please have them contact the ONC Tribal Enrollment Office @ 907-543-2608 or email us at with updated contact information.

The membership addresses are used for mailing the ONC newsletter, Annual Meeting info, election info, notices relating to CARES benefit information, and for invitation lists for events concerning membership including meetings. It is important and the responsibility of each member to provide updated contact information.

Fred Abraham
Kiana Ashley Nichole Abruska
Kaitlynn Charlien Active
Charles Joseph Active
Chet Harvey Adkins
Julie Ann Adkins
Matthew Logan Adkins
Brian K. P Ahlo
James Roy Albrite
Benjamin D. Albrite
Richard Paul William Alexie
Elena B. Alfred
Elizabeth C. Ali
James Bernard Aloysius
Alaina M Aloysius
Lisa Marie Amarok
Kuuipo Lokelani Amio
Dwayne W. Anaruk
Donna Rae Anaruk
Amber Lee Anaruk
John Andrew
Joseph Andrew
Loretta J. Andrews
Wanda Andrews
Nick Andrews
Staci Ann Anelon
Mary A. Angaiak
Bertha Pauline Angaiak
William M Angaiak
Gregory M. G. Angaiak
Nastasia Angellan
Gerald D. Anvil
Alexie Fritz Anvil
Jason Kyle Anvil
Sammy James Anvil
John Victor Ashepak
Florence J. Ashepak
Sam Glenn Ashepak
Danielle Karen Asicksik
Esmeralda T. Avalos
Henry Douglas Ayagalria
Brandon Lee Bailey
Aaron L Bailie
Gabriel Baker
Pamela J Barnes
Kristina Marie Baskett
Divan A Bautista
Mark Jacob Bean
Nancy E. Beans
David C. Beebe
Kara Denai Behrens
Matthew Jeffrey Benn
Jack E Benn
Michael Keith Berlin
Agnes Bertha Bird
Della May Boesche
Simeon Boots
Elia Fritz Brink
Michael K. Brink
Hannah Irene Broussard
Alfred Michael Buster
Adam Michael Carey
David E. Carl
Brenda R. Cates
Nicholas Darion Chamberlain
Joel Lee Charles
Peter J. Charles
Frank David Charles
Matthew A Charles
Sonya L Charles
Theresa E Charles
Mary Charles
Minnie Katrina Chavez
Mary A Chikoyak
Joseph Chikoyak
George Charlie Chikoyak
Sean David Chikoyak
Daisy Alison Chikoyak
Jason Edwin Chris
Ted Millo Christensen
Denielle S. Christenson
Mary Katherine Cichoski
Genevieve E. Colonel
Sinka Crane Jr
Wendolyn Kathryn Criswell
Tammy Jane Croissant
Vontril Ann Crump
Jennie K. Dacy
Joseph Bennett Dale
Catherine Ann Dale
Katherine Martha David
Fannie Marie David
Anna Waskey Davis
Daniel Paul Davis
Shara Christine Davis
Arnold De Heus
Evelyn M. Doblack
Isabel Hope Durham
Coralene Anna Early
Fredrick Michael Jr. Edward
Richard James Edwards
Rayden Donald Edwards
Nancy Edwards
Nick Ephamka
Theodore G. Eppler
Misty Dawn Evans
Brenda Lee Evans
William Bill Evans
Paul Evon
Jordan Mikael Evon
Tamara Jorene Evon
Carlie Evon
Donald Lee Fancher
Donald Lee Fancher
Katherine Rae Fancher
Wassilli Frank Fancher
Tonya M. Fedor
Kimberly Felber
Kyla Lee Fermoyle
Krystal Breanna Fermoyle
Angela J. Ferron
Katherine Bertha Fisher
Jayden Karle Fitka
Gabriel Ray Flores
Shayleen Elizabeth-ann Fox
Talan Gray Francisco
Jennifer Lynn Frink
Leilani Jean Marie Gantt
Joan A. Geerhart
Billy Edward Geerhart III
Spencer Grant Geffe
Catherine Gessells
Felicia Gessells
Lahilda Gessells
Ritchie Gessells II
Lynzie E. Gilbert
Kilty G. Gilbert
Brenda Kelli Gish
Kathleen Gish
Jeffrey Gish
Crystal L. Gonzalez
Rebecca Arlene Gow
Raymond I Grant
Dyane Valerie Maranda Green
Mary Margaret Gregory
Minnie Blaze Grende
Aspen Leah Grende
Alberta F Griffin
Nancie Amanda Grifka
Kristen A. Guinn
Charles W. Guinn
Elizabeth Rose Guinn
Karen Gutierrez
Reeve Talon Hall
Hans J. Halverson
Melinda May Haroldsen
Will Alan Hartman
Excelia Hendrickson
Phillip Stanley Hendrickson Jr.
Tyler Hayes Henriksen
Stella Jean Henry
Polly Carrie Henry
Daniellie Jessie Henry
Evan W. Hensley
Melissa M Herman
Wesley Kingston Herman
Jesse Cody Herman
Sam Herman
Francis M Herrera
Joy Desman Hoagland
Melody Cecelia Ann Hoagland
Jeffrey L. Hoffman
Terry Terrance Hoffman
Timothy Robert Hoffman
Kenneth Tyler Hoffman
Kendra Christina Hoffman
Adrian Rex Hoffman
Stephanie Leann Hoffman
Georgina Lynn Hoffman
Timothy Matthew Hofseth
Jack Lee Hopstad
Paula Ann Humphries
Joseph B Hunter
Joseph James Hunter
Carol Elsie Hunter
Melissa Faith Hurd
Wassillie Fritz- Ambruse Isaac
Makayla Daryce Alex Isaac
Emma Isackson
Andrei K. Jacobs
Molly K Jacobson
Teresa Rai Jacobson
Hal Cody James
Tonya Rae James
Andrea Niaya Janko
Jeremiah L. Japhet
Ollie T. Jenkins
Rhonda Celia Jensen
Kevin Moses Jerry
Tatyana E. Joe
Brian Nicholas- Matthew Johnson
Dennis Robert Johnson
Sarah Ann Johnson
Jared E. Johnson
Garrett E. Johnson
Raelynn M. Johnson
Sidney Johnson
David W. Johnston
Nick Johnston
Heather Leigh Jolly
Kyle Kelly Jones
Adeline M Kameroff
Kenny J Kameroff
Clarence J. Kameroff
Daniel S. Kashatok
Mclaughlin Kashatok
Clara C. Kelly
Tanya Tesslyn Kernak
Cassandra Mary Kernak
Dominic Jesse Kernak
Michael Peter Kernak
Peter Nasgaok Keyes
Holly Allison Keyes
Kevin Christopher Keyes
Fina Kiefer
Carolyn Frances Kiefer
Mandy George Avery Kilbuck
William Allen Kilbuck
Edward John Kinegak
Keanu P. M. King
Elizabeth King
Travis B. Knight
Leonard Morris Konig
Kathleen Sarah Lee Konig
Craig Robert Konig
Curtis Reece Konig
Christina Elenor Konig
Calvin Lamont Konig
Dyle Cody Korthius
Ella I. Koszela
Unalina Ayaqsaq Kowchee
Kiana A Kowchee
Krystalynn Joy Nasisaq Kuhns
Richard Amia La Fortune
Brandon Alexander Lamere
Deanna Michelle Lamont
Dillon Henry Lamont
Sharon L. Lamont
Crystal L Lamont
Elijah J Lamont-Elison
Carol Lorraine Langlois
Ronya Laplante
Charles Laraux
Ronya Laplante
Charles Laraux
Madrona M. Lee
Joseph Paul Lowe
Deborah Ann Lowe
Dustin Seth Lupie
Sophie MacArr
Roy Daniel Makar
Nathaniel Nicholas Eric George Makar
Brittany M. Makar
Irene Gladys Malony
Darlene Patrisha Martin
Joshua N. J. Martin
Tomlyn Martini
James Ivan Mather
Correy Ann McAtee
June Alaska McAtee
Megan Laurel McAtee
Rachel Charlotte McCarthy
Della Rae McComas
Carl Michael McGeary
Samantha Ann McGill
Alan Alexander McInroy
Arthur Raymond McInroy
Roberta Keeka McLemore
Milo Irvin McLemore
Robert Dean Meili
Kenneth Allen Melton
James Edwin Menefee
Zackary P Mesak
Judah Ben Max Mezak
Maxie Gelila Mezak
Roy Brandon Lee Michael
Annabelle Rose Michael
Minnie Michael
John Michael
Alfred Arnold Eddie Michael
David Allen Miller
Velda E Miller
Anamarie Kay Miller
Jr Mills
Matthew Mizak
Gregory Moses
Lena Ruth Moses
Gabriel Scott Moses
Carolyn Moses
Steven R Moses
Henreitta J Moses
Benjamin James Murran
James Murran
Paul W. Mute
Cynthia Matilda Myers
Cynthia Matilda Myers
Desiree Ruth Naneng
Garrett Travis Nelson
John Michael Nelson
Jimmie Jacob Nelson
Cory Jake Nelson
Jennifer Mae Nelson
Alexie Johnson Nicholai
David A. Nicholai
Michael Donovan Nicholai
Leona Mae Nicholai
Xenia Anna Nicholai
Curtis Alexie Nicholai
Carla Alexandria Nicholai
Tommy Alvin Nicholai
Martha Nicholai
James Joseph Nicholas
Nastasia Sophie Nick
Mary E. Nick
Nicholas Lee Nickoli
Tanya Judith Nickoli
Joy Elizabeth Nilsson
David S. M. Noes
Martha Theresa Nook
Chantel M. O’Brien
Kelvin Nick Odinzoff
Zoe Elizabeth Oldright
William Prescott Oldright
Trevor Lyle Olsen
Patrick John Olson
Thomas P. Oscar
Arlene Jane Oscar
Samuel Oscar
Luther N. Oscar
Donna Marie Oscar
Richard T Oscar
Carrie Parks
Maureen P. Pasitnak
Laura Jolene Paulson
Peter J. Paulson
Howard Clyde Pavil
Alayna Sweetums – Marie Pavil
Michelle Lynn Pavil
Howard Clyde Pavil
Angelina Marie Pavilla
Gary Scott- Christian Peltola
Kaeli Rae Peltola
Eugene Raymond Peltola
Brad Duke Pensgard
Oscar Thomas Perry
Cynthia L. Pete
Melanie Sade Pete
Daisy Lynn Peter
Dalarie Marie Peters
Sally Jane Peterson
David Andrew Peterson
Carlos Henry Phillip
Jonathan Timothy Phillip
Paul John Phillip
Michael Pitka
Jonathan Pitka
Suzanne Linda Place
Earl Alfonzo Polk
Joseph Powell
Mildred D. Powers
Amberley T. Prince
Richard Jerome Trader Ramos
Sally Ann Raphael
Patrick S Raphael
Michael Keoni Patrick Rapoza
Debra Ann Rash-Anaruk
Peter Post Richard
Sophie Lee Richardson
Brian Matthew Gerald Rodewald
Abigail J. E. Rodgers
John E. M. Rodgers
Hilda L Rodgers
Dorothy G. Rodgers
Amber Raquel Rodriguez
Michael Andrew Roehl
Sherry Leann Roehl
Henry Herman Roehl
Myra Gay Roehl
Peter R Roland
Samuel Thomas Roland
Tamara J. Romer
Randall Lee Romer
Diantha Michelle Roundtree
Jane Dorann Roundtree
Neva Vanessa Rowland
Breonna Paige Rude-Sirilo
Zebadiah Quinton Ruiz
Robert Moses Leroy Russell
Brandon Mckenzie Russell
Robert F. K. Sallaffie
William Gregory Sallaffie
Jenessy K. Sallaffie
William G. Sallaffie
Brittany A. Sallaffie
Margaret Marie Sallison
Howard B. Samuelson
Mary Alice Samuelson
Jonathan Kyle Samuelson
Betty Sanchez
Tyrene E. M. N. A. Santamour
Seth A Santamour
Stone Thomas Sara
Kaydence Laramie Sara
Norman Ronald Seton
Alexander George Shantz
Robert Lee Shomler
Kimberly Brooke Short
Lisa Marie Short
Kevin I Short
Karen Therese Sidell
Nathan John Samuelson Sidell
Eric Scott Sirilo
Andrew Huseni Smith
Patrick Carl Smith
Ryan Keith Smith
Sarah E Smith
Glenda Leonora Smith
Marita O. Snodgrass
Heather Lanai Snow-Gottshall
Samuel Herbert Snyder
Sayda Ann Marie Spaulding
Nichole Marie Stachelrodt
Mary Margaret Stachelrodt
Nick Charles Stachelrodt
Danielle May Stachelrodt
Felisha Michelle Stachelrodt
Crystal Eliza Stauss
Robert Joseph Stewart
Margaret Agnes Stiefel
Bryan A. Strauss
Demi Nicole Sumstad
Cody Andrew Sumstad
Sebastian Albert Sumstad
Carrie Esther Swanson
Louis Christopher Tavares
Trevor Cody Taylor
Andrea Lynn Teter
Carrie Alexis Tikiun
Mckinzey J Tikiun
Paul Steven Tikiun
Roberta L Tom
Brittany R. Tom
Katie Baker Tootkaylok
Brandon Jonathan Trader-Ramos
Barbie Travis
Gordon T. Troseth
Evan R Trupp
Chad Vernon Trupp
Hayden Thomas Trupp
Jaden L. Turner
Mercedies Marie Twitchell
Ryan Mckinzie Twitchell
Michael Skyler Twitchell
Tessa Ri Twitchell
Branden Mikkel Twitchell
David A Twitchell
Michael G Van Deventer
Anna Marie Vanasse
Roslynn A. M. Vanderpool
Helen E. Venes
Helen Ann Venes
Chase Logan Venes
Brandon Eric Wallace
Sarah Warner
Anthony Llewellyn Washington Jr.
Margaret M Waska
Molly Margaret Grace Waskey
Ashley Lucy Ann Wassilie
Lee Howard Wassilie
Jerry David Wassilie
Norman Lee Wassilie
Herbert Raymond Wassilie
Josephine S Wassillie
Glen Watson
Clinton Alfred Watson
Ann Marie Way
Levi John Wegner
Jessi L. Wegner
Kirk Nicholia Wegner
John Ernest Weise
Ann Jamie Werly
Victoria Katherine West
Merrill Wayne Westdahl
Megan Mistee Westdahl
Sarah Maude Weston
Catherine Trina Wheeler
Erica L. White
Lady Roberta White
George K. Whitman, III
Logan Tvvaak Whittaker
Jessica L. Wilcox
Rylee Breeze Williams
Raelyn Kera Williams
Reece Alexander Williams
Renae E Williams
Lorena Agnes Wilson
Carol R. Witt
Natalia P. Wolfe
Sylvia J. Woods
Robert L. Wulf
Jessica Anna Marie Wunnicke
Mary Ann Yohak
Fannie Jean Young
Tiffany J. Zulkosky