American Rescue Plan Act 3rd Round


Update: American Rescue Plan Act Round 3 Application process closed 02/15/22 for tribal members.

Greetings Tribal Member(s)

Throughout our two Tribal Member Consultation meetings regarding the American Rescue Plan Act funds; we’ve heard from many members wanting their household bills paid directly while others appreciated the direct payment directly to each Tribal Member. The Council has heard each members input and acted according to the wants and needs of our membership.

We are pleased to announce that The Orutsararmiut Native Council is now accepting applications for the third round of COVID relief funds.

*All information is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/& SSL

Each tribal member household has two options for this round of relief:

Option 1: Payments made directly to vendor

For this you will be required to submit actual bills with your application. This ensures that staff have the accurate information which includes the mailing address of the vendor, account numbers, and name(s) of which the utility account(s) is under. Please specify on the application the amounts you want/need to go to each vendor.

Option 2: Direct payment to Tribal Members (in the form of a check)

For this option you must check the box in front of each vendor and specify how you would like it paid out.

It is uncertain if more pandemic relief will be available, and ask that each Tribal member use these funds in ways that will benefit and secure your household needs as a priority.

We understand the urgency in some cases, but we ask for your patience and cooperation as these applications are processed. We will be working as quickly as we possibly can. ONC is the largest tribe in the region with over 4500 active members to serve in many places.

Thank you, To avoid delay in processing, before submitting your application, please make sure that all required documents are included and allow time for processing. Do not submit  an application more then once as this will only cause further delay. You will be notified once your application is being processed and complete.

ONC APRA staff

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