8.4.2021 Regular Council Meeting

ZOOM Meeting ID 862 5206 0365

Dial in 888-788- 0099


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Invocation
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Approval of Meeting Minutes
  6. People to be Heard
    1. YKHC Reps                d.____________         g.___________
    2. AVCP Reps                e. ___________          h. ___________
    3. __________                f. ____________         i. ____________
  7. Reports
    1. Executive Director                                                      Zack Brink
    2. Finance Report                                                            Alexandra Werba
    3. CARES/ARP Report                                                  Zack Brink
  8. Old Business
    1. YK Delta Broadband Consortium                              Kevin Hamer
  9. New Business
    1. Enrollment Committee                                               Walter Jim
  1. Resolution 21-08-19
    1. Tribal Housing
  1. Resolution 21-08-17

Housing Policy Amendment

  1. Bering Sea and Interior Tribal Commission
    1. Resolution 21-08-18
    1. amy_consulting Proposal                                            Autumn P. Smith
  1. Proposal
    1. UAA & Montana State University Proposal
  1. COVID-19 Public Health Outcomes in Arctic Communities: A Southwestern Alaska Community Health Case Study
  1. YKHC-GCI Fiber Optic NTIA Broadband Project

Christopher Beltzer, Dan, Lisa Wimmer

  1. Executive Session
    1. EarthJustice Mailie Tavepholjalern
  1. Date of Next Meeting
  2. Adjournment

Member Consultation – American Rescue Plan

ONC will be holding its first American Rescue Plan Member Consultation on Friday, June 18th 2021 from 1-5pm.

If you would like to join via the phone:

Call: 888 788 0099

Meeting iD: 952 3314 5349

Passcode: 572571


To join the meeting from your computer or cellular device, follow this link: https://tinyurl.com/MeetONC


American Rescue Plan Member Consultation – To Be Determined

The ONC Council will be meeting regarding the American Rescue Plan and will determine a meeting date with tribal members for consultation.
Once the date and time are determined for that consultation, members will receive notice on our page, as well as our website: orutsararmiut.org
Quyana caknek!
Complete this form to automatically receive invitations for member meetings: https://tinyurl.com/CouncilMeetingsONC