Bethel Recycling & Donation Program

                                               Where to recycle?

CITY OF BETHEL LANDFILL – (907) 545-7711

Will take Motor Vehicles, first two vehicles are free, all fluids must be drained and battery has to be taken out. If batteries and fluids aren’t removed, a $300 fee will be given. They also take broken refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers, and mattresses. Call number provided if have any questions.

K.U.C. – (907) 543-4500

Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Cans

NAPA – (907) 543-2673

Acid Batteries that are not leaking

O.N.C. – (907) 543-2608

Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles

Nicholson’s Auto – (907)543 – 2667

Waste oil (Must call ahead of time to see if they have enough room to take the waste oil)

Where to donate?

4-H Club – (907) 543 – 2088

Reuses old items that are in good condition to become someone else’s treasure.

Bethel Winter House – (907) 545 – 1210 or (907) 545 – 0240

Will take adult winter gear/clothes and blankets

T.W.C. Thrift Store

Will take gently used clothes, shoes, bedding, toys, etc.

Bethel Lion’s Club – (907) 545 – 1210 or (907) 545 – 0240

Will take dried and canned foods for food drive.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Choose to recycle and save the Earth one item at a time.


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